Director Message

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Education includes all the components that help in individual’s enlightenment and empowerment. It gives one, the knowledge and skills to work with excellence. Pristine Publication Pvt. Ltd has made a sustained contribution to education since 2011 and still the work of achieving milestones in the field of education is in progress.

Pristine Publications Pvt Ltd has a mission statement to achieve ‘Innovative and Creative Learning’ for each and every student. It is our passionate belief that we value every single child and celebrate them for their uniqueness. As a publisher, we are grateful to our eminent and established authors, editors, designers and other associates to provide quality learning content in our books.

As a Managing Director, we believe that our books should provide education that develops the children into active and responsible citizens who make a positive and valuable contribution to the wider community. We are trying our best to prepare popular series of books which will be widely accepted and appreciated.

Sanjay Rastogi
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